On Vacation!

Our children gave us a trip to Ireland for our 40th Anniversary! Can you believe it? I’ll get a chance to see the home country of my ancestors.

So LET’S TALK NOVELS will take a break for a short time. The next podcast will be April 6. Until then, why not revisit some of your favorite podcasts. Or, if you haven’t already, listen to the 5 podcasts all about the crucial first chapter that are available here: TOP FIVE MISTAKES AUTHORS MAKE.

But whatever you do . . . . keep writing!

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  1. What a blessing! It sounds like something the Morgan kids would have done.
    I wonder if a new book/series will come from this trip. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Lisa Loftis says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! I hope you have a great time! Look forward to your podcast when you come back refreshed and relaxed!

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