LTN018 – Writer to Writer: How to Put Off Procrastinating

LTN018 – Writer to Writer: How to Put Off Procrastinating

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In this first of a two part episode, I explore the nature of the five-headed dilatory dragon called procrastination and suggest strategies on how to defeat it. In Part Two I’ll give you some weapons with which to fight the beast on a daily basis.


In this episode I mention the AlphaSmart 3000, an inexpensive, light-weight (2 lbs) word processor that runs for months on three AA batteries. Here’s what it looks like and a link if you’re interested in exploring it further. FYI, I don’t get any commission from sales. I’m just trying to help you in whatever way I can to defeat the dilatory dragon.

Note: After recording this episode I went online to see where the AlphaSmart was available. It appears you may have to buy one used, put since it is solid state (no moving parts), I would think used in good condition is a good buy, and the prices are quite low. 

Check them out here – AlphaSmart 3000

AlphaSmart 3000


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