LTN017 – The Joy and Benefits of Hanging Out With Dead Novelists

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So you want to learn how to write a novel. Where do you go to become a professional novelist? In this episode I relate how this podcast is designed along the lines of Medieval Guilds, where apprentices learned for established craftsmen. In the spirit of the guild, I share some of the lessons I’ve learned from novelists living and dead, with some fascinating anecdotes about JRR Tolkien and The Lord of The Rings.


Here are links to the books I mention in this episode:

JRR Tolkien: A Biography, Humphrey Carpenter. This is the authorized biography of Tolkien with a wonderful visit by the author to Tolkien’s house and study.

The History of the Lord of The Rings, Christopher Tolkien. The 4-book series by JRR Tolkien’s son who collected and arranged the various drafts and drawing detailing the evolution of the writing of The Lord of The Rings. It’s a fascinating look over Tolkien’s shoulder as he works through the novel writing process.


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