LTN012 – Writer to Writer – Building Characters

LTN012 – Writer to Writer – Building Characters

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In this writer to writer episode I share two experiences that were influential to me in learning to build memorable characters. The first experience is from one of my favorite author mentors, James Michener. It’s a passage from his novel Space in which he compares the building of a character to the process Korean potters use to create exquisite finishes on their vases. To give you another visual of the kind of “pulsing with light” drama I want to achieve in my writing, see the Maxfield Parrish paintings below.

The second experience in this episode is of a writing exercise that has to do with building characters that paid surprising dividends for me when writing The Allies, Book 6 in my American Family Portrait series.

Here are two of the Maxfield Parrish paintings that inspire me to craft characters for my novels who pulse with an inner light –

Parrish Painting 1


Parrish Painting 3


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