LTN 002 – Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Novelist?

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In this podcast I talk about the two essential abilities every novelist must have.


You would think that being literate would be one essential ability, wouldn’t you?  Being able to read and write? But I can see a situation in which a storytelling savant could dictate epic stories using speech-to-text software or to a stenographer. So it’s actually possible to be a gifted novelist and not be literate.

So, what are the two abilities?

1. The first ability has to do with your INTELLECTUAL EQUIPMENT.

A novelist has to have a storytelling memory. This is the ability to keep in mind all the details of your story — everything you have written, and everything you will write — as you are writing each part of your story.

2. The second ability is what I call BUTT IN THE CHAIR APTITUDE.

Yeah, you heard right. The ability to keep your butt in a chair for long periods of time is an essential skill to being a novelist.

If you have those two abilities, you show promise. But showing promise does not make you a writer.

Simply put: A writer writes.

Do you have what it takes to be a novelist? The answer to that question comes from answering another question: Are you writing?

If you want to become a novelist, you must write. Once you start writing, you’re writer. Once you start writing a novel, you’re a novelist.

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