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Top 5 Mistakes Authors Make That Turn Off Readers and Lose Publishers

#1. Failure To Put The Main Conflict in Place Quickly Enough

#2. Failure To Introduce The Lead Character In The First Chapter

#3. Failure To Plunge The Lead Character Into Terrible Trouble

#4. Failure To Write To Reader Expectations For Your Genre

#5. Failure To Create A Strong Sense of Reality

Let’s Talk Novels Podcasts

LTN001 – Let’s Get Started – Why This Podcast

LTN002 – Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Novelist?

LTN003 – If There Is An Unforgiveable Sin To Writing Novels, This is It

LTN004 – Writer to Writer: Perseverance Counts

LTN005 – Does Your Novel Have Bestseller Potential?

LTN006 – Writer to Writer: Make It Shine

LTN007 – Turn Your Favorite Authors Into Mentors

LTN008 – Writer to Writer: Traditional Publishing or Indie Publishing?

LTN009 – Torture The Reader to the End – Plot

LTN010 – Writer to Writer: My Mentors

LTN011 – Torture The Reader to the End – Character

LTN012 – Writer to Writer: Building Characters

LTN013 – Torture The Reader to the End – Scenes

LTN014 – Writer to Writer: Embrace the Publishing Whirlwind

LTN015 – Torture The Reader to the End – Sentences and Grammar

LTN016 – Writer to Writer: The Dreaded Author Bio

LTN017 – Hanging Out With Dead Novelists

LTN018 – How To Put Off Procrastinating – Part 1

LTN019 – How To Put Off Procrastinating – Part 2

LTN020 – Writer to Writer: Confessions of  a Polymath

LTN021 – No Grammar Rules Were Harmed in the Making of This Podcast

LTN022 – Macbeth vs. The Mac

LTN023 – How Do You Know When Your Novel is Finished?

LTN024 – A Writer’s Equivalent to an Energy Drink

LTN025 – Laugh Your Way to the Bestseller List

LTN026 – The Princess Principle

LTN027 – Test Your Novel Idea With These 5 Questions

LTN028 – Writer to Writer: Sell It First, Then Write It

LTN029 – Setting: The Ugly Sister of Novel Writing

LTN030 – Indie Publishing: What You Need to Know to Get Started

LTN031 – Indie Publishing: Finding Your Audience, Part 1

LTN032 – Indie Publishing: Finding Your Audience, Part 2

LTN033 – Covers: Giving Your Story a Face

LTN034 – Indie Publishing: Revising and Rewriting

LTN035 – Indie Publishing: Editing


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